Whether you are running your first race or stepping to the line for the hundredth time, the team at run for your life produces events that leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Grand Prix Series

The 19th annual Run For Your Life Grand Prix Series will kick off in March 2014. The Series first launched in 1996 marking a turning point in the Queen City’s growing running community. The Series created a reason for people to engage in running throughout the year. Since then, it has evolved into one of the most competitive running series in North Carolina, welcoming thousands of participants from every age, background, and fitness level. Thousands of goals have been set and conquered, hundreds of PR’s have been shattered and Series champions have come and gone.

The full series scores for the 2014 Run For Your Life Grand Prix Series are in!  Congratulations to all award winners!

Final Point Totals
Final Woman's Standings
Final Men's Standings

SAVE THE DATE!  If you are an award winner, please keep the evening of Monday, September 15 open.  We will be hosting the 2014 Run For Your Life Grand Prix Series Banquet that evening.  You will receive a notification via e-mail if you are an award recipient (that is as long as you provided an e-mail address when you registered for our events!)

Every finisher earns points regardless of their time or place. At each race, the men's and women's overall winner will each earn 1,000 points (no separate overall or age group scoring). Your score will be determined by dividing your time into your gender winner's time and multiplying by 1000.

After the final Grand Prix Series race the standings are in! We also have the tentative Men's and Women's award standings!

For example, the male winner of the 5K runs 15:00 and you (a male) run 24:00.

15.0/24.0 = .625 x 1,000 points = 625

You would receive 625 points in this example.

Grand Prix scoring for all award categories is based on gun time only! The age group awards handed out at individual GPx races will be based on chip time, but Grand Prix scoring will be based on gun time!


Minimum Participation^
You must run a minimum of 4 events to be eligible for an award. If you only run 3 of the events, you will be dropped from the GPx scoring, even if you won all 3 events and have a higher score than someone who ran 4 events.

Maximum Scores Counted^
Your top 6 scores will be counted towards your GPx score – we will drop your single lowest score. If you run 6 races, all 6 scores will count. If you run 7, we will count your 6 highest scores. If you run all 7, we will count your 6 highest scores and you will receive 100 bonus points for participating in the All Races.

^ These numbers are based on a schedule of 7 events. The rules are subject to change. The schedule and Scoring Rules will be finalized by March 1, 2014.

For the most accurate scores and results, please be sure that when you register for GPx events that you USE A CONSISTENT NAME. For example, if you register for one race as James Doe but then a second race as Jim Doe, the results will be scored as if there were two separate people. Please notify us of any name changes, such as taking on a married name.

There will be a 100 point bonus for any one that finishes all events.

Cash prizes will be handed out at the end of the season in the following categories:

  • Top 5 Male & Female
  • Top 3 Men’s & Women’s Masters
  • Top 3 Clydesdale (men) / Athena (women) 
  • Top 3 Male & Female Baby Jogger
  • Top 3 Male & Female Age Group (see below)


Clydesdale: Men who weigh at least 185 pounds.
Athena: Women who weigh at least 140 pounds.

*You may be asked to weigh in wearing your normal running attire at any of the events. *You must check the Clydesdale/Athena box for EVERY event you wish to compete as such. Your Clydesdale/Athena status will not automatically be carried over from race to race. You will only receive GPx points within the Clydesdale/Athena category for races you checked the Clydesdale/Athena box for. For example, if you run all GPx Series races but only checked Clydesdale/Athena for five of those races, you will only have five races scored towards that category and you will not receive the 100 bonus points for competing in All Races.

Baby Jogger
We will not pre-register you as a Baby Jogger. To confirm your baby jogger status at each individual race, make sure you line up at the front of the race start. You will only receive GPx points within the Baby Jogger category for races that you ran with the Baby Jogger. For example, if you run all GPx Series races but only ran with a jogger for three of those races of those races, you will only have those three races scored towards that category and you will not receive the 100 bonus points for competing in all races.

Age Groups & Birthday
These age groups are for Run For Your Life GPx Series scoring only. Each individual event may have different age groups for their event awards.

19 & Under; 20-24; 25-29; 30-34; 35-39; 40-44; 45-49; 50-54; 55-59; 60-64; 65-59; 70 & Over

Scoring is based on the age group that you competed in for the majority of the Series. If you changed age groups in the middle of the season (i.e. you were 34 for the first four races but then 35 for the remaining races) then you will be scored in the age group you started the season in (i.e 30-34).

Every year we come across those runners - you know, the dedicated ones that want to participate in every event offered in a series just so that they can say "I did them all."

Well we have just the thing for those runners this year.  It's induction into the 2014 Roadie Runner's Club!  We will award those runners that participate in all races on BOTH Run For Your Life series' - the Grand Prix Series AND the Distance Challenge.  

And no, you do not have to run the longest distance offered in the Distance Challenge races, you just have to finish one of two (or three at Thunder Road) of the distances offered.  No need to pre-register.  We will track your progress throughout the year.  


3.15.14 Shamrock 4 Miler presented by StoneCrest at Piper Glen : Stonecrest Shopping Center

3.28.14 Charlotte’s Largest Office Party & Happy Hour 5K presented by Buffalo Wild Wings : Uptown Charlotte

4.26.14 CPCC Skyline 5K Run : CPCC Main Campus

5.09.14 Right Moves For Youth Twilight 5K Run : Uptown Charlotte

6.7.14 King Tiger 5K at University City : Run For Your Life – University

7.4.14 July 4th Spectacular 4 Miler : Uptown Charlotte

8.23.14 Yiasou Greek Festival 5K : Greek Orthodox Cathedral

*This schedule is not final and is subject to change.  Final schedule will be posted by March 1,  2014.

Entire Series
Registration is now open for the entire Grand Prix Series, the entire Distance Challenge or both!  You will save 10% off the early bird pricing for each race AND you won't have the hassle of registering over and over and over again for races!  

You can register online or by paper application.  

Series Registration Deadline
If you want to register for the Grand Prix Series or for both the Grand Prix Series and the Distance Challenge, you may do so from now until March 13 (just before the Shamrock 4 Miler).  After March 13, series registration will be available for the Distance Challenge only.

Individual Event Registration
If you aren't planning to register for the entire series ahead of time, no worries.  Just register for each event individually.  Registration for each event is typically available 2-3 months prior to the event and standard registration rates apply.


Who is eligible to compete?
Do you have a pulse? – You’re eligible! Anyone that can physically complete a race is eligible.

I have to miss an event. How will that affect my score?
We automatically drop the lowest score from your total at the end of the season – so if you miss an event and get 0 points, that race will be your dropped score from your final score.  You just miss out on the bonus 100 points for running all events.

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