Whether you need a new pair of kicks or a nutrition boost for your long run this weekend, we can’t wait to see you! Check us out at one of our three locations in Charlotte to better serve you!



2422 Park Road, Charlotte, NC 28203

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Location Hours

Monday - Friday : 10am to 7pm

Saturday : 9am to 6pm

Sunday: 12pm - 5pm


Piper Glen

6416 Rea Road, Charlotte, NC 28277

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Location Hours

Monday - Friday : 10am to 7pm

Saturday : 9am to 6pm

Sunday : 12pm to 5pm



1816 East Arbors Dr., #420, Charlotte 28262

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Location Hours

Monday - Friday: 10:30am to 7:30p

Saturday: 10am to 5pm

Sunday: 1pm - 5pm

New University Store

charlotte locations team

Tim Rhodes


Who is Tim? I am a father of 6 and very passionate about what I do. I run to stay young and enjoy the ability to service our Charlotte running community each and every day.

FUN FACTOID:  Robin & I adopted 2 kids from Ethiopia & I completed my 1st IRONMAN Wisconsin 2011.

Lexi Clementson

Running Specialist| Dilworth

Justin Keziah

General Manager: Dilworth | Piper Glen, Marathon Training Coordinator

My Roots | Charlotte, NC

Expertise | Justin has over 3 years of speciality running experience.   He ran Track & Field and Cross Country in college.  He has a lot of experience on the track and is certified in  USA Track & Field Level 1.  Since college Justin has done a few marathons, but enjoys Ultras on the trails the most.

Be Hip – Shop Local | Justin works in speciality running because he loves working in a small business setting because you deal with clients and people on the front lines.  He has great opportunities each day to help and serve people.  Justin’s job is to build relationships and help better the community by helping people.  This can vary from helping someone start their first walk / run program, helping someone find shoes that don’t hurt their feet or even helping pace someone to become a Boston Marathon Qualifier.  He goes home each day knowing he made a difference!

What The Pro’s Love | Too many great things to choose just one!

Running Rocks Because | Justin runs to help others achieve their personal goals.  He really enjoys running with friends and the Run For You training groups because of the life-long friendships he’s made.  He also runs to stay fit and healthy but loves running with all types of people so he can share his knowledge and experience with them!

This Distance Rules | Ultras on the trails.  Justin has done a 50k and 40 miler.  His 2014 goals include his first 50 miler followed by a 100 miler shortly after.  

Amazing Race Moments | They are all so great, it’s too hard to choose just one!

Best Food Ever | The hottest ‘Hot Wings’ you can find!

Bet You Didn’t Know | Justin has 3 younger sisters and has always enjoyed being a role model and big brother to them.

Brad Popple

Running Specialist | Dilworth

My Roots | Wayland, NY

Expertise | Brad has been running competitively for 13 years through the prep, collegiate, and elite level.  He was a welcome addition to the Run For Your Life Team over a year ago.  

Be Hip – Shop Local | Brad works in speciality running because he loves sharing the knowledge and excitement of the sport of running. 

What The Pro’s Love | Adidas Boost

Running Rocks Because | Brad runs because he likes to see the day to day self improvement.  Out there on the road and trails he enjoys seeing the product of hard work and discipline.  “I run to find the limits of the body I was given.”

This Distance Rules | 13.1

Amazing Race Moments | Blue Ridge Relay 2013

Best Food Ever | David Cross’s homemade chili

Bet You Didn’t Know | “I’m the best basketball player at Run For Your Life!”

Judie Kellet

Running Specialist | Piper Glen

My Roots | Woodstock, Ontario

Expertise | Judie has over 40 years of retail experience, in every aspect of the business.  She understands customer service and how important it is to make the customer feel comfortable when they are shopping with you.  She has learned so much over the past year and a half in fitting shoes.  The most important factor for most clients is getting the right shoe for their foot.  Run For Your Life has been lucky to have Judie on our team for almost 2 years now! 

Be Hip – Shop Local | Judie works in speciality running because she wants to make a difference in other people’s lives and running, especially the beginner runner as she can relate well to their challenges in getting started.  Judie started running later in life at age 64, and signed up for the Run Fit Program at Piper Glen, a life altering experience for her.  “I loved the staff and store, it was close to home and they offered training, and all running equipment and accessories.”

What The Pro’s Love | Gel Nimbus by Asics and Brooks Glycerin

Running Rocks Because | “It makes me feel alive and part of something – the running community”

This Distance Rules | 1/2 Marathon

Amazing Race Moments | Completing her first marathon a month ago!

Best Food Ever | Apples & almonds

Sara Korinek

Marketing Director

John Fillette

Running Specialist | Dilworth

Stephanie Sawyer

Running Specialist | Piper Glen

Alicia Catalfumo

Running Specialist | Run Fit Coach | Piper Glen

Darius Moore

Running Specialist | Run Fit Coach | Dilworth

university team

Chris Elkins


Who is Chris?  My wife & I bought the University location in 2005 and I would consider myself the resident shoe geek who knows everything possible about shoes. I am an avid runner myself having completed many marathons, half-marathons & 5Ks. We enjoy serving our North Charlotte running community

FUN FACTOID:  I love to follow sports (especially teams from Tennessee) and hanging out with my awesome wife, son, and our dogs.


Mary Kathryn Elkins


Who is MK? Recreational chef, aspiring professional reader, champion diaper changer and Ironwoman.

Fun Factoid: If I could be anything in the world I would be a country singer/songwriter.

Rachel Brand

Theme Race Expert

My Roots | Boulder, Colorado

Expertise | Rachel has been with Run For Your Life for 6 years.  She was a previous Assistant Coach for Cross Country in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. 

Be Hip – Shop Local | Rachel works in speciality running because she loves talking to people who are preparing for their first half or full marathon.

What The Pro’s Love | Saucony Omni and Mizuno Inspire 

Running Rocks Because | Rachel runs to create memories of racing with friends; she runs to help motivate people that she coaches and to help them through their first races!

This Distance Rules | 1/2 Marathon

Amazing Race Moments | The Quad Cities Half Marathon: the only half marathon Rachel’s Dad got to watch before he passed away. 

Best Food Ever | Rachel’s Infamous Yum Yum Pie!  [*secret recipe*] 

Bet You Didn’t Know | Rachel loves participating in all the “Themed” races!  She is your EXPERT!

DIVA Half Marathon

Beth Schaewe


My Roots | Cheesehead from Wisconsin

Expertise | Beth has been with Run For Your Life for 2 years and previously worked in speciality running in Wisconsin.  She is also a Certified Personal Trainer. 

Be Hip – Shop Local | Beth works in speciality running because she loves fitness, running  and helping runners of all abilities stay strong, motivated and injury free!

Running Rocks Because | Running allows you to get outside in the fresh air, stay healthy and socialize.

This Distance Rules | The best experience is the marathon.

Amazing Race Moments | Boston Qualifier!!

Best Food Ever | Sushi: hands down, followed closely by good wine!

Bet You Didn’t Know | Beth is a mom of 3 and just started running in 2006, before this she had always disliked running.

Chase Eckard

Assistant Manager

My Roots | Granite Falls, NC

Expertise | Chase has over 3 years of speciality running experience.  He is a 2 time NCAA National Qualifier in the 800m and has been running for over 15 years.

Be Hip – Shop Local | Chase works in speciality running because he loves getting to talk with fellow runner geeks and introduce newbies to the sport!

What The Pro’s Love | New Balance 870v3

Running Rocks Because | The voices in my head tell me to!

This Distance Rules | 1/2 Marathon as of this year

Amazing Race Moments | 2010 NCAA Nationals First Round 800m

Best Food Ever | Sushi & Beer (Carbo loading at its best!)

Bet You Didn’t Know | Chase can ride a unicycle……and jump rope, at the same time?  We will never know!


Mark Ijames

Running Specialist | University

My Roots | Statesville, NC

Expertise | Mark has experience in personal training including athletic conditioning, rehabilitation and injury prevention. 

Be Hip – Shop Local | Mark works in speciality running because he loves helping clients reach their fitness goals! 

What The Pro’s Love | Saucony Ride and CWX tights

Running Rocks Because | It allows Mark the ability to eat what he wants!  It also allows Mark to stay in shape to referee. 

This Distance Rules | 5k

Amazing Race Moments | Mark is still waiting for it!

Best Food Ever | Steak

Bet You Didn’t Know | Mark is a NCAA college basketball referee.

Sara Korinek

Marketing Director

Ashley Vaughn

Running Specialist | University

Rob McAllen

Running Specialist | Yoga Dude | University